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Erin + Mike DAY 2

From Washington Park on April 5th, we went onto party at the Normanside Country Club on April 6th! And party we did!

Erin and Mike_Day2_1
But first, everyone had to get ready! Vanessa (of Elegant Esthetics) arrived with all the party colors in hand and got to work!
Erin and Mike_Day2_2
Once make up was done, the girls helped Erin into her dress.
Erin and Mike_Day2_5
Erin and Mike_Day2_6
Since Finn, Erin and Mike’s adorable Boston Terrier made an appearance on Day 1, it was only fair that their cuddly cat – Ted Kennedy (no, not that Ted) did too! He watched over everyone (especially Erin) to make sure that all preparations went smoothly.
Erin and Mike_Day2_4
Erin and Mike_Day2_8
Earlier that morning, Mike received a sweet, sweet shirt from Erin!
Erin and Mike_Day2_10
While the girls got ready, Mike and Uncle Joe traveled to OTB to place some last minute bets.
Erin and Mike_Day2_13
Here they are with their game faces on!
Erin and Mike_Day2_12
Now, that didn’t last long…so home to get ready for the party they went!
Erin and Mike_Day2_14
Erin and Mike_Day2_16
Here’s Mike – GQ ready!
IMG_1011Mike and Joe got ready fast, wouldn’t anyone with a cigar break as a motivator?
Erin and Mike_Day2_17
One last look at Erin as she snuck in a little Yoga while Sarah’s (Maid of Honor) sister set Erin’s hair.
Erin and Mike_Day2_3
Before we knew it, it was time to party with all the guests at Normanside!
Erin and Mike_Day2_19
Erin and Mike_Day2_25
Erin and Mike_Day2_20
Erin and Mike_Day2_22
The delicious cake from Dolce & Biscotti (I vouch for it’s amazingness!).
Erin and Mike_Day2_23
After the cocktail there was a sweet slide show.
Erin and Mike_Day2_31
And then there were speeches that made Erin, Mike, friends and family – laugh and cry.
Erin and Mike_Day2_36
Erin and Mike_Day2_37
Erin and Mike_Day2_38
Erin and Mike_Day2_33
Erin and Mike_Day2_34
Erin and Mike_Day2_35
Followed by a first dance!
Erin and Mike_Day2_41
Erin and Mike_Day2_40
And the father-daughter dance!
Erin and Mike_Day2_39
DJ Playground got the party going!
Erin and Mike_Day2_44
Erin and Mike_Day2_46
Erin and Mike_Day2_48
Then, it was time for cake!
Erin and Mike_Day2_42
Erin and Mike_Day2_43
And more dancing, dancing, dancing!
Erin and Mike_Day2_30 Erin and Mike_Day2_29 Erin and Mike_Day2_45 Erin and Mike_Day2_52 Erin and Mike_Day2_53
JZ0_5560Gangham style happened too…Everyone partied into the night!
Erin and Mike_Day2_57 Erin and Mike_Day2_55
Erin and Mike_Day2_49
Erin and Mike_Day2_47 Erin and Mike_Day2_50 Erin and Mike_Day2_62
Thank you Erin and Mike for allowing me to document your tremendous and awesome celebration. I wish you both, Finn and Ted Kennedy many, many, many years of happiness, laughter and love. Love is limitless.
Erin and Mike_Day2_61




Almost two years ago, I shot Sarah’s Baby Shower for Little Zoey. Earlier this week, I spent some time with Sarah and officially met baby Zoey! We approached the photo session as a play date. We played with Zoey’s favorite bears, beads, cameras, mommy’s hats and Zoey even read a camera manual! I think we have a little photog here. Enjoy the photos!

Meet Zoey!
Zoey-18When I first got to Sarah’s house, Zoey has just woken up from a nap. Here she is still sleepy cute!

Zoey-16 Zoey loves her mommy’s camera! We used mine for the shoot though :)
Zoey loves beads!
And her adorable pink bear too!

We played hide and seek. It was fun and full of laughs!

Then, Zoey borrowed her mom’s favorite hat and modeled for us!
One of my favorites from the shoot…in this one, Zoey channels a very serious actress!
After, it was time for pictures with mommy!
Sarah takes a lot of pictures of Zoey. Yet, it’s rare that she’s in pictures with her. That’s one of the big reasons I wanted to do this for her, because parents should always exist in photographs for their children. Love this next one <3
Nothing like a sweet kiss from mommy!
Thank you so much for spending part of your day with me Sarah + Zoey!




Today, I met a beautiful Viszla puppy named Nico. He is the newest addition to my best friend’s growing family. We never thought Laura would get another dog (after Sammy – her sweet tiny pup from high school. It was a sweet surprise when she posted the very first pictures of Nico and I couldn’t wait to meet him! This charming boy was love at first sight!Neko
I love his sweet honey colored puppy eyes!
Neko gets a treatLaura already trained him to give a paw, for treats of course!
Neko profile
Nico comes from a family of show dogs, so his regal nature and intense focus is evident in everything he does.
Neko hunts
Neko couch dog
The little love bug loves naps on the couch.
Neko's tasty toes
And chewing on his toes too!
Neko hunts
This is one of my favorite shots from the day. His fur looks so soft, rich, velvety and perfect, just like him! Welcome home, Nico – we love you!



Erin of Erin Marzilli Make Up Artist, and I have been planning this shoot since the summer. When Erin first texted me a photo of Dali from her October wedding, I knew she’d be perfect! The awesome news kept coming when Erin texted me again and asked if I’d be interested in working with a vintage accessory designer on the shoot as well! The answer was, of course, a million times, yes! And Tara of Tiane Novati joined the shoot team!

When I got to Erin’s where we were getting ready, Tara had laid out the accessory options and they were stunning, just like our bride! After Erin finished Dali’s make up, we picked out the hair accessories we liked best. It would’ve been incredible to shoot them all, but there we just so many beautiful options from The Covenant Collection we could fit in one day. (Opportunity for next shoot? I think so!)

Once the pieces were picked out and Dali dawned on her wedding dress we wrapped her up in scarves and blankets to keep her warm on the way to Yaddo Gardens. After all, it was less than 30 degrees out! As you will see in the images below, Dali was a trooper all through the make up, accessory and location changes!

Dali at Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga

I wish I could find another synonym for ‘stunning’ because the only word that pops into my head when I look at these images is that Dali looks – effortlessly stunning!

Dali At The Gates

I’ve seen many photo versions of the gates at Yaddo Gardens. I wanted these images to look elegant and yet infused with personality. This shot was taken between poses and encapsulates Dali’s fun and playful personality.

Dali On Marble BenchAfter the gates we moved onto the marble bench on the other side of the gardens. Following a make up change and a classic netting and feather accessory Dali took a seat and looked aristocratic without even trying!

Dali On The Bench At Yaddo

One more glance

Dali-Yaddo-4Dali nonchalantly checking out her prince

Dali In The Garden


Dali At The Marble Wall

Dali at the marble wall surrounded by different shades of white marble, fabric and snow.

Dali In The Woods

This was one of my favorite locations of the day. At the end of the shoot, I asked Dali to stand in the shade of the woods near the Yaddo Gardens. Just enough shade and ray’s of afternoon sun in the background gave the sharp contrast of the white and brown softness and depth I love!

Thank you Dali, Tara and Erin for a fantastic shoot!

H+J 1.19.13

I’ve known Heather and Jason ever since we all did crew together back in college. After we graduated, they moved to Japan and then to New York to start their life together. Then last January, soon after they got engaged, Jason called me to talk about the wedding!!! Seems just like yesterday that Jason and Heather began dating! Their beautiful day was planned to take place close to where Heather grew up, at The Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown. When I got to the hotel, Heather’s mom told me that she dreamed of having her wedding there ever since she was a little girl. So beautiful!


Heather getting ready, looking beautiful from the very start!

Getting readyEvery girl needs her Chanel and beautiful shoes!

JZ0_2632-EditThe embroidery on Heather’s dress was gorgeous!

JZ0_2611-EditHeather’s maid of honor, Gabrielle, helped her get dressed.

JZ0_2876-EditDoesn’t she look radiant?

JZ0_2905-EditSomething elegant.


Must have Tiffany & Co!

JZ0_2944-EditThe flowers.

JZ0_2690Heather is ready to see her dad.

JZ0_3030A sweet hug with dad.

JZ0_3046-EditMeanwhile the guys were downstairs having breakfast. Here is Jason telling a very intense story.

IMG_2475-EditBen showed up to breakfast all ready for pictures. So what did the guys do? Haha!

IMG_2449Then it was time to get ready.

IMG_2605Jason putting on his cufflinks – engraved with their wedding date!

IMG_2674They’re ready!


Jason + his dad looking all GQ right before the ceremony.


Jason sees Heather for the very first time as she walks down the aisle with her dad.

JZ0_3136They’re so happy!

JZ0_3192-EditThe vows.

JZ0_3270The first kiss as Mr. & Mrs!


Heather’s mom tearing up a little during the ceremony.


Meet the new Mr. & Mrs. DeNivo!


Heather hugs her mom and Jason hugs his dad after the ceremony.


Everyone had a ticket to the game!

IMG_2919Every table had a famous hall of famer! The favors were bats!

JZ0_4056The reception ballroom was light and bright.

IMG_2948The cake and details were gorgeous.

JZ0_4046The beautiful bridal party!


JZ0_3627-EditAfter the bridal party photos, Jason, Heather and I had some fun with bridal portraits. I love how in love Heather + Jason look!



JZ0_4853-EditAfter the portraits, it was time to party!



First dance as husband and wife!


Heather and her dad. Jason and his mom.


Heather hugs her Dad. Love it!

JZ0_4305-EditBefore we knew it, it was time for cake and dessert!

JZ0_4618-EditLooks good enough to eat!

JZ0_4699The dance floor was packed all night!


Parents of the bride and groom!



Friends checking out silly pics!







JZ0_4714One of my favorite portraits from the evening! Jason + Heather, thank you for allowing me to document your beautiful, special day!




Spending time with families during portrait sessions is one of my favorite past times. I love running around with the kids, chatting with the parents and just enjoying the day with camera in hand. Below are some of my favorite moments from family photos in 2012. What a year!

The Malinowski'sThe Malinowski’s braved the cold the day after Christmas and looked great doing it!

The Twins

Christopher and Matthew are as ready for their close up as they’ll ever be. Love how expressive they are!

Ceci's walk

Adorable Ceci went for a walk.

Ceci ran

Ceci loves running through the sprinkler. Who doesn’t?!

Matt and Ceci

Tickle time!

Carson-Michael-6 13 12-13-Edit

Little Carson is one happy little boy. He clasps his little hands and smiles whenever he’s excited. Adorable!


Carson loves cowboy hats. What a handsome little man!

Carson-Michael-6 13 12-176

Carson duck gazing by the Congress Park pond.

Little red Riding hood

Little Red Riding Hood.


Ceci smiles!

The Shinebargers

The Shinebarger’s were a very special family. This was their very first family portrait since little Kristin has gone into remission. They are my smiling heroes.

MDGK-12 2 12-64

Little girls love pretty bows! Grace laughing with her dad, Doug.

There he is

Where is daddy? There he is! Grace is so excited she’s jumping up and down!


I love how simple and classic both of these photos are. Grace with her teddy and Grace dancing on her father’s shoes. Love.


Hayley, Tosha, Robyn, and Callie are – The Girls!

Emily Ben Juliana

Emily, Ben and Juliana playing in the grass.


Georgie being greeted by a doggie at The Crossings.

The Nammours

Georgie, Naim and Janette – the most stylish family I know.


Memphis and Austin playing airplanes at the park. Memphis is a strong little boy and a survivor of pediatric cancer. He wanted to take a photo with the word blocks as a reminder that he is a survivor. <3




Who could ever say “No” to that smiling face? I know the answer! No one!


The Shultzes have a beautiful wooded property. We went for a walk!


A magic forest lies ahead.


When 2012 came along, I went full speed ahead with it. I’ve been a freelance photographer for over 5 years, but it has never been my sole source of income until this past year. Beginning on that path was like a beautiful nightmare, exciting and terrifying, with so much uncertainty that at first my little heart could hardly take it. Yet, with the support of friends and family, as well as my incredible 2012 brides and grooms, I survived. I can’t believe how fast the year flew by, how much I’ve learned, and how much all of the people I’ve met have taught me. To say that I’m grateful would be an understatement, to say I’m happy is not enough either. So I’m doing what I know best… posting images that will show how much fun I had doing what I love most – capturing your most special day with the ones you love most. <3Unforgettable

Brian and Sarah’s wedding, at Franklin Plaza, started off the busy season. The day flew by so quickly! Here’s Sarah glancing over Brian’s shoulder at the end of cocktail hour. I love this photo. Unforgettable!


Sarah’s dress was stunning. Every detail was perfect and simply sophisticated.

Sarah’s dad sees her for the first time.

SBG-Wedding-Formal All-70-Edit

Katie O was there for Brian and Sarah every step of the way, leading up to and day of the event! She even called me to see how I was feeling when I came down with a horrendous sinus infection a week before the wedding! Katie and team glowed with pride as Sarah walked down the aisle to greet Brian during the ceremony at Franklin Plaza! This lady truly loves her job and that makes us love her even more.

She's hereThe veil is lifted. Brian is in awe. Love!

SBG-Wedding-Ceremony183Most excited and adorable parents ever!

CakeA lucky six pence in Dody’s shoe – what a great tradition! We all know that I love cake, especially carrot cake! Dody and Dan had the tastiest ocean theme carrot cake, from Zachary’s Pastry Shoppe, ever! They even got me a mini one with my name on it! Now that’s a sure way to a photog’s heart!

Happiness on the LakeDan + Dody at The Inn at Erlowest. Dody looks so happy and radiant!


Jill and the boys, Callen and Hudson – most adorable!

Jill-and-Brian-7 14 12-Formal-475Jill’s angelic flower girls! The only thing they’re missing is little wings!

Brian is beaming with anticipation as he waits to see Jill at the altar. The ring bearers hurry down the aisle.
SmilesJill + Brian all smiles and happiness in downtown Albany.

ParkMcKenzie + Doug – love in Albany’s Washington Park.

McKenzie and Doug-426-1Love the thank you note! Grace is a part of the ceremony on top deck of the Dutch Apple Cruise – so cute!

Lindsay and JustinLindsay + Justin on the Hudson River dock at Yanni’s Cucina. Lindsay hugs her mom after their special mother, daughter dance. You can feel the love in that hug!

Heather and Pat-Formal-Portraits-7-EditHeather + Pat are high school sweethearts. Adrianna is Heather’s little angel. So cute!

Kara and Val - Getting Ready - Candids-27-1


Carson prepares for his mommies wedding – this little man is ready to go! Val + Kara, in love in the garden. The shot reminds me of a Victorian postcard.

Emily and Margaret, Wes and Emily

Emily hugs, her sister, Margaret in Saratoga’s Congress Park on the way to church. Emily + Wes, a very Saratoga city wedding!

 private moment

Emily + Wes – the evening’s last dance at Canfield Casino.

ND_Getting Ready_Nicole_15Nicole’s wedding jewels.

ND_Getting Ready_Nicole_150-EditNicole’s Maid of Honor, Kat, and her mom help with the dress. Nicole + Derek – kisses at Saratoga National.
Käthe and Vlad - Käthe-13

Kathë glancing at Vlad during our portrait session by The Gideon Putnam.

Käthe and Vlad -Käthe and Vlad-15

Kathë + Vlad, happily ever after with the sun at their back!

Angela and SamAngela, one of my bestest friends in the whole world got married this summer. Due to a previous commitment, I was not able to make the wedding, but I did come down for a visit to Nyack the day after. We had a fun impromptu shoot before she and Sam took off for Japan.

Angela-and-Sam-59Ducks on the Hudson and a perfect sunset! Who doesn’t love both?!


Love and safe travels to you both!*

*All of the couples included in this post will also get their own blog in the coming months with more photos and the story of their beautiful day. Stay tuned!


2012 was amazing! Coincidentally, it was also my first year working as a full-time photographer. There were many challenges and many triumphs. I’m very grateful for the incredible people I’ve met along the way.

It was very hard to decide, took me all day, but here are some of my favorite engagement photos from the year. Each couple will eventually have its own blog post (I know this is not the typical order of things), but it’s my own little way of going back to the future! Bill + Laura + LamontBill + Laura + Lamont in their backyard.

Laura + Bill in Albany's Washington Park and Emily + Wes near Saratoga's Congress ParkLaura + Bill in Albany’s Washington Park. Emily + Wes near Saratoga’s Congress Park.

Emily + Wes hanging out at Yaddo Gardens in SaratogaEmily + Wes hanging out at Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga.

Sylvianne + John braved the eicky drizzle in Albany while making the most of their time on camera. We had a great time that day! Eric proposed to Esmeralda on the SUNY Albany campus - their alma mater. She cried, I cried, I think even Eric might've teared up (I'm sure he'll never admit it).Sylvianne + John braved the eicky drizzle in Albany while making the most of their time on camera. We had a great time that day! Eric proposed to Esmeralda on the SUNY Albany campus – their alma mater. She cried, I cried, I think even Eric might’ve teared up (I’m sure he’ll never admit it).

John + SylvianneJohn + Sylvianne, love in downtown Albany.

Eric + Esmeralda, love at the SUNY Albany campus.Eric + Esmeralda, love at the SUNY Albany campus.

Dave + Devin after a bike ride. Justin + Amy in Albany's Washington Park.Dave + Devin on Devin’s grandfather’s vintage bike. Justin + Amy in Albany’s Washington Park.

Amy + Justin at Justin's firehouse station in Albany.Amy + Justin at Justin’s firehouse in Albany.

Dave + Devin near their high school party spot.Dave + Devin near their high school party spot.

Chris + Mary Beth in front of  Schnectady's Central Park pond.Chris + Mary Beth in front of Schnectady’s Central Park pond.





SARAH + BRIAN 2.25.12

I’ve known Brian for about 4 years through local radio events and concerts. Then, one day on the way back from work (when I was still in advertising) Brian called me and asked if I could shoot Sarah boxing some time. I’ve never shot boxing, but I figured if I could shoot a concert boxing would be, Ok (as long as no blood got on me!). That’s when I first met Sarah and she made boxing look like ballet. Seriously.

Shortly after I started shooting full-time and worked with some amazing local photogs second shooting weddings as a test drive. When Brian & Sarah asked me to shoot their wedding, I was really excited (even though I didn’t show it outwardly). Of course, I said, Yes!

Anyhow, the beautiful day was meticulously planned by the sparkling Katie O, Brian and Sarah. It came so quickly and before I knew it, it was 11 pm! No worries though, we got over 2,000 images (Big thanks to my awesome 2nd shooter – Dan Reade !!!). So enough of my blabbing and onto the memories…I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did capturing them.

Congratulations Brian & Sarah! I hope these images remind you of the treasured moments from your beautiful wedding day.




Planning & Coordination – Katie O Weddings & Events
Makeup – Kaitlin Marion Aesthetics
Ceremony & Reception – Franklin Plaza Ballroom
Flowers – Party with Mia
Cake – Bobby Mallozzi
Music – Grand Central Station 
DJ – Jake Allen

2.25.12 – THE BIG DAY

Sarah’s sparkling jewels.Sarah's sparkling jewels.

Every girl loves her shoes! Sarah had three pairs – one for the ceremony, another for the choreographed dance number and the last one for the reception. Fun!

Sarah's Shoes

On the other side of town Brian and the guys were getting ready. Below, Katie O pins Brian’s elegant boutonniere.

SBG-Getting-Ready-Guys-22-EditThe guys do a toast and head out.

SBG-Getting-Ready-Guys-84Brian looking all GQ before he gets into the limo.

SBG-Wedding-Formal Guys-34-Edit

At Franklin Plaza, Sarah is ready to get into her gorgeous gown. Here the bridesmaids help take it off the hanger.

SBG-Wedding-Sarah Portraits-1

Sarah sees her dad for the first time. Love this shot!


Right before the ceremony, we shot some stunning portraits and details.

SBG-Wedding-Sarah Portraits-61

The majestic Franklin Plaza ballroom all decked out for the ceremony.


As Sarah’s dad lifts her vail, Brian sees Sarah for the first time.


Katie O and her sparkling team excitedly look on as Sarah and Brian exchange vows.

SBG-Wedding-Reception-51-EditBrian reads his vows, while Sarah looks on clutching a tissue and trying not to tear up.


Introducing, the Mr. & Mrs!


Sarah’s very excited parents celebrating. This is one of my all time favorite post ceremony photos. You can feel their excitement and happiness!


The intricate reception details. Love the ornamental design on the place card.


The white baby’s breath centerpieces are gorgeous!


Bobby Malozzi himself, made Sarah and Brian’s awesome five tier cake. Deliciously iced details!


Sarah taking a quiet moment with one of the flower girls.


Brian and Sarah take a minute to take it all in.

SBG-Wedding-Formal All-103-Edit

The choreographed special dance! So much fun!


Looking on as the best man and maid of honor give their toasts.



SBG-Wedding-Formal All-106-Edit

Congratulations to you both! May every one of your days be as happy as your wedding day!

SBG-Wedding-Formal All-116


Today, I visited my friend Kate and her brand new beautiful twins – Christopher and Matthew! Who doesn’t love adorable, chubby cheeked babies? This was my first visit and it was full of photos and napping! How much better can it really get?

Kate-Matthew-Christopher-19 Kate-Matthew-Christopher-47 Kate-Matthew-Christopher-3 Kate-Matthew-Christopher-95 Kate-Matthew-Christopher-66 Kate-Matthew-Christopher-101-Edit